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Our loyal clients are our livelihood, and we treat them accordingly.

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“Clik Creative has consistently produced high quality graphic design services to the Australian Paralympic Committee since 2006. They have produced work on time and on budget, which is fresh and new and yet is in harmony with the APC’s brand guidelines. Clik are great to work with and have the knack of making every job easier. Their ability to meet tough deadlines has been appreciated on many occasions, especially when the pressure has been on. I thoroughly recommend Clik Creative.”

Tony Naar

General Manager, Knowledge Services

Australian Paralympic Committee


“Ken hits the spot with a blend of fine tasteful design and targeted appeal to the audience of the moment. I was impressed at his ability to deal professionally and amicably with very difficult clients and still come out with a winning design. Always pleasant and never deterred, modern and stylish, I have returned to Ken time and again and recommend him with confidence.”

Michelle May

Former officer, Corporate Development Group

Sydney Catchment Authority


“Ken always adds value to the creative process. He’s quick to master a brief, and in my experience always delivers a product that exceeds expectations.”

Cleve Killiby

Former publications manager

Sydney Catchment Authority